The core element of Transporters is your transport legs, which represent each journey or movement within an order.

There is also the option to add products to orders, either alongside transport or on an order all by themselves.

What are products?

Products can essentially be anything that you sell or charge for that is not a transport journey. Products can be grouped into categories and added to orders with a quantity and price.

Common examples will be parking charges, tolls, waiting time, meet & greet services, child seats etc.

Some less obvious uses include refunds or gratuities/tips.

Refunds allow you to easily refund an already invoiced and paid order easily by just adding the refund amount as a negative number. Much easier than doing the same with transport where you need to add full journey details. (Top tip: make sure your refund product matches the tax rate on your vehicle type, you may need multiple refund products for with/without tax.)

Gratuities let you charge extra for optional tips, keeping the tip separate from the transport in your accounting and reporting.

How to use products?

Originally the only way to add products was for staff to manually add them to the order through the staff edit order page.

Products would be added in the same way as a new transport, but with simpler options. This works well for many items, but does mean that staff interaction is needed in the booking process.

We have since released a new option for product upsells.

This option can be enabled for the products you choose (keep it disabled for refunds!) in the product settings area.

Any products enabled as upsells, will then be offered to the customer on their View Order link during the booking flow.

The customer can then choose to add any available products to their order before they book and pay.

To use upsells, make sure the "Instant Prices invoice immediately" option is disabled on Display Settings since this would skip the stage where upsells are offered.

Products have intentionally been left out of the initial stages of the customer quote form since we have found too many choices results in customers giving up without submitting their order.

But the new upsell option delivers a good balance between easy interface and maximising order values.

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