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Going live on my website

What do I do to put the quote-form on my website and start receiving quotes?

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Well done, you are nearly ready to start putting to use, giving your customers an easy way to request quotes directly from your website.

How you proceed now depends on how your website is built.

Wordpress Websites

If your site was built using wordpress then you have the easiest task, simply install our wordpress plugin and the hard parts are taken care of.

Once installed you will need to enter your system URL onto the settings page for quote form 1, then you can add the form to your site using either the shortcode or widget provided.

The final step is enabling the google maps which requires a free API key from google. The link to claim your free key is on the Settings page in the plugin and the key should be saved in the box on that same settings page.
Important: Read this article for more info on Maps setup and changes

All Other Websites

For other websites you will need to embed some code onto your site, either as HTML or in an IFrame.

Login to your system, then click your name in the top right corner, then click account. Your unique iframe code will be displayed here - your web developer will be able to add this into your site or let us know if you need any assistance.

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