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How do I provide instant prices to customers?
How do I provide instant prices to customers?
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Updated over a week ago is able to provide instant prices to your customers, however this is not enabled by default. This is to ensure that you are happy with the pricing rules before automating them.

1) Set your pricing rules
Before you turn instant pricing on it is essential that your pricing rules are correct.

  • Set mileage/time/cargo rules inside each vehicle type

  • Set fixed routes if desired

  • Add calendar rules for quiet/busy periods

2) Enable for the vehicle type
Instant pricing must be enabled for each vehicle type that you wish to automate.
Inside your transporters go to Settings->Vehicles->Vehicle Types and click to edit your desired vehicle type.
Tick the box Instant Price to enable.
Optionally set a min or max price - if the calculated price is outside this range then no price will be given until staff review and price the job.
Optionally set min days ahead to avoid short notice jobs without manual review.

3) Choose your display method
Go to Settings->Templates->Emails->Priced Quote
Add either the [ORDER_TOTAL] or [ORDER_LINK] to the message to display to customers.
​On screen confirmation method
Go to Settings->Templates->Quote Form Confirmation
Add the [ORDER_LINK] to the message to allow visitors to open their order instantly and see the price.
​Redirect to the order page to make payment
Go to Settings->Templates->Quote Form Confirmation
Click the "Source" button and then enter the following to automatically redirect users to the order page where they can see the price and confirm the booking.
Copy and paste very carefully.

<p>Thank you for requesting a quote.&nbsp;</p> <p><a href="[ORDER_URL]" id="quote_redirect_link">Click here if you are not redirected to view your quote and proceed.</a> <script> var transTimer = setInterval(function(){var x=document.getElementById("quote_redirect_link");if(x.href.indexOf('[ORDER_URL]') == -1){clearInterval(transTimer);window.location.href=x.href;}},3000); </script></p>

4) Set confirmation or expiry rules (optional)

If you prefer to check availability of every job manually, but still want to give prices instantly online, enable the Quote Confirmation option in Settings->General->Quote Confirmation & Expiry.

This allows customers to get instant prices but prevents them from booking until a staff member updates the status.

You can also set rules to automatically expire quotes after a certain period.

5) Skip the order confirmation (optional)
By default, when the customer clicks get quote or book now (depending on form mode) on a vehicle with an instant price, they will be taken first to the order page.

This allows them to review all details before confirming the booking, along with choosing between a full payment and deposit payment if your settings allow this.

You can also skip this step for instant priced jobs, instantly reserving the order and taking the customer to the invoice to enter payment details.
Only full payment is supported if you enable this option, which you can set by ticking "Instant Prices invoice immediately" in Settings->General->Display Options.

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