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Payment Options Overview

Summary of available choices

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When choosing what payment options to present as choices to customers there are 2 distinct choices which operate in different ways.

Both are configured in the settings area under Settings->Finance

Online Payment Methods

Online payment methods allow customers to pay instantly online through any of our pre-configured payment gateways.

We have a growing collection of payment gateways but if your provider isn't listed then please get in touch and we will see if it is possible to add support.

Each payment gateway will require you to have an account with the relevant company. If you don't yet have a payment provider then Paypal and Stripe are the quickest and easiest to apply for, although will generally have lower transaction fees.

To get started click install, then add your relevant account details and save with Status "Publish" to enable this option for your customers.

Custom Payment Methods

Custom payment methods are for everything else.

Cash, cheque, bank transfer, credit card over phone - anything that is not directly through an online payment gateway.

Each option will be setup with the status as "Publish" if it should be available for customers to use, with instructions on how to pay written in the "Content" box will will then be shown to customers choosing this method.

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