Order Statuses

Explanation of the different statuses and how to use them.

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Every order inside Transporters.io will be assigned a status that indicates the current state of that order.


A brand new quote that arrives from your website will default to this status, indicating that it is new and needs to be dealt with.


Once an unopened order is first saved it will turn to a quote. If the order didn't yet have any staff member assigned then the user who dealt with the quote will be assigned as the salesperson.


If a customer visits the order page and confirms that they want to book, the status will initially be changed to reserved indicating that it is a booking that has not yet had a payment recorded.


When the first payment is received for the order the status changes to confirmed.


This status should be set when all journeys have been completed, all invoices paid, any issues resolved and no further actions remaining for the order. This needs to be done manually to ensure that nothing is completed that shouldn't be.


When a quote is deleted its status is changed to cancelled but the details remain in your system. This ensures that no records are accidentally lost.


The odd one out - this does not apply to normal orders but instead indicates that this order is in fact a template for a repeating job.
Repeating jobs create matching orders on a schedule as required, perfect for any regular contract work you may have.

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